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Price List

Dry Cleaning Ironing 
2 Pc Suit£11.00Shirt£1.25
3Pc Suit£15.00Top/T Shirt£0.90
Coat, short/long£10.00£12.50Trouser£1.25
Dress, short/long£11.00/£12.50Plain Skirt/Pleated£1.25/£2.50
Evening Dress/Gown£18.00Jeans/Jog Bottoms£1.15
Jacket£8.50Plain Dress/Evening£2.00/£2.50
Plain Skirt/Pleated£6.00/£8.50PJ Bottoms£1.15
Kilt£14.50Dressing Gown/Robe£2.50
Waistcoat£8.00Duvet Cover, from£2.60
Knitwear, short/long£9.00/£12.00Flat Sheet, from£2.40
Shirt£8.00Fitted Sheet, from£2.70
Scarf, short/long£5.00/£7.50Valance Sheet, from£3.00
Specialist Items, from£18.00Pillowcase£0.50
Curtains, per kilo£12.00Tablecloths from£2.50
Bedspread/Throw, from£30.00  
Duvet, super king£19.00Service Wash, per load£9.50
Duvet, kingsize£17.00Dry Only, per load£5.00
Duvet, double£15.00Pillow, polyester/feather£6.60/£7.50
Duvet, single£13.00Mattress Topper, superking£19.00
Sleeping Bag, double£15.00Mattress Topper, kingsize£17.00
Sleeping Bag, single£13.00Mattress Topper, double£15.00
Bedspread, superking£19.00Mattress Topper, single£13.00
Bedspread, kingsize£17.00Blanket, small£9.50
Bedspread, double£15.00Blanket, large£16.50
Bedspread, single£13.00  


Please note, We do not accept liability for any damage caused to buttons, zips, hems, lining, beading etc during the dry cleaning process but we will ensure every precaution is taken to minimise any risk prior to cleaning.